DJ Rob Swift

Rob Swift’s Tips

Inspired by a Wiz Khalifa tirade, Rob Swift has gathered some helpful tips for navigating a rapper's ego.

Motivated by a July 30 incident where Wiz Khalifa attacked two in-house DJs at a West Hollywood nightclub appearance for cueing the wrong tracks, Rob Swift has gathered some helpful tips for navigating a rapper’s ego. (Wiz Khalifa later apologized for the incident.) “The arrogance from Wiz Khalifa towards DJ Mike Danger and MC Tron that night encapsulates the puffed up sense of importance from a lot of rappers,” writes Swift, a founder of influential DJ crew The X-Men/The X-ecutioners. “My deeper goal is to impart some tips on my DJs colleagues as to how to prevent a situation like this from ever happening to them.” In a perhaps-inadvertent passive-aggressive moment, he misspells Wiz Khalifa’s name as “Whiz Khalifa.”



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