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“Lune TNS (Lyric Video)”

A recent lyric video of Big Juss of Company Flow's 1997 track "Lune TNS" pays tribute to the golden age of New York graffiti.

On July 26, fledgling Bandcamp label Dig & Look Back and podcast/label/brand Weird Rap posted a lyric video of “Lune TNS,” Big Juss of Company Flow’s tribute to the golden age of New York graffiti. Juss’s 1997 track is chock full of names, most unfamiliar to listeners unversed in graff lore. The lyrics are designed by visual artist VeskOne and Dig & Look Back owner El Funy, and their highly stylized renderings incorporate the tags of legendary writers like Tracy 168 and Futura 2000, among many others. Juss apparently sanctioned the video. At the moment, this is the only way to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Funcrusher Plus, a cornerstone of underground rap culture. (A bootleg stream of Funcrusher Plus appeared in March, but it was quickly taken down.)


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