Notable 20th Century Hip-Hop Books

A list of great hip-hop books from the early years of the genre.
  • Brian Cross, It’s Not About a Salary…Rap, Race and Resistance in Los Angeles (1993)
  • Chuck D with Yusuf Jah, Fight the Power (1998)
  • S.H. Fernando, Jr., The New Beats (1994)
  • Ice-T with Heidi Sigmund Cuba, The Ice Opinion (1994)
  • Sacha Jenkins, Elliott Wilson, Chairman Mao, Gabriel Alvarez & Brent Rollins, Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists (1999)
  • Havelock Nelson & Michael A. Gonzales, Bring the Noise: A Guide to Rap Music and Hip-Hop Culture (1991)
  • Tricia A. Rose, Black Noise: Rap Music and Black Culture in Contemporary America (1994)
  • James G. Spady, Nation Conscious Rap (1991)
  • James G. Spady, Twisted Tales: In the Hip Hop Streets of Philly (1995)
  • David Toop, Rap Attack (1984)

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