ALL: Chicago

Fake News on O-Block

In “Hip-hop blogs spread fake news about O-Block,” a story jointly published by the Chicago Reader and The Triibe, recent coverage of developments at Parkway Gardens on Chicago’s South Side is scrutinized. “It’s home to many esteemed Black Chicagoans,” write the authors, including local heroes Chief Keef and King Von; they compare it to other heavily mythologized hip-hop birthplaces such as Juvenile’s Calliope Projects and Jay-Z’s Marcy Projects. When the Chicago Sun-Times published a story in 2021 that Parkway Gardens was on the market, blogs and social-media accounts like RapTV and Daily Loud run with the latest “Chiraq” news, generating misinformation that the apartment complex is scheduled to be razed. None of the outlets promote a Sun-Times follow-up that the Gardens were taken off the market with equal rigor. Fly-by-night rap media companies with little-to-no journalistic ethics have become a growing problem, and the “Hip-hop blogs” authors keenly connect the dots between their tactics and how it affects local communities like Parkway Gardens in real life.