ALL: Mach-Hommy

Mach-Hommy Speaks

New Jersey rapper Mach-Hommy rarely grants interviews — he usually averages one per year. In a Q&A with Rolling Stone’s Andre Gee, the critically acclaimed artist relates wild stories of “big game hunting” for elk, being in harmony with nature, future tour plans, and the inspirations behind his new album with Tha God Fahim, Duck Czn: Tiger Style. “And just say something like ‘reclusive,’ what does that mean? That is a very negative projection to the audience’s mind,” he says when discussing his “reclusive” reputation and how he avoids photographs without his face covered. “Niggas is starting to think about Howard Hughes with the long fingernails. It’s fucking negative. It’s like niggas is cursing you, damn near. Just cause they don’t be where you be at. But that’s all a part of the corporatization and the bastardization of the culture.”