Big Daddy Kane - Cause I Can Do It Right

The 100 Best Rap Singles of 1990: Big Daddy Kane

“Cause I Can Do It Right” is an inflection point for a rapper struggling to maintain momentum as a New Jack lover man.

Big Daddy Kane
“Cause I Can Do It Right” (Cold Chillin’)
Billboard chart position: Hot R&B Singles (#22), Hot Rap Singles (#4)

By the time of his third album, A Taste of Chocolate, Big Daddy Kane status as a New Jack lover man seemed destined for self-parody. In retrospect, this may seem a bit unfair: the album also featured hard-hitting Black pride tracks like “Who Am I” (with Malcolm X’s daughter Gamilah Shabazz) and “Dance with the Devil.” But it was “Cause I Can Do It Right” and his “All of Me” collaboration with Barry White that got the singles treatment, and bored fans sparked a downward trend in sales that he never quite reversed. The former sounds similar to “I Get the Job Done,” an earlier 1990 single (from his 1989 album It’s a Big Daddy Thing), but it still has flavor. The self-produced track finds him touting his sexual prowess with plenty of metaphors. “Move over bacon, there’s something meatier,” he brags. It’s fun, but not quite on the level of “Raw.”

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