The Escapades of Futura 2000

The 50 Best Rap Singles of 1982: Futura 2000

Graffiti legend Futura's single is a historic union with The Clash's Mick Jones, Dondi, and Fab Five Freddy.

Futura 2000
“The Escapades of Futura” (Celluloid)

Forget about Futura’s clumsy rapping and tentative flow: This is a historically important union between one of the greatest graffiti writers and seminal punk band The Clash, then deep in their “Radio Clash” phase. Mick Jones produced this single, while Futura dropped plenty of knowledge about the art of getting up; fellow aerosol kings Dondi and Fab Five Freddy lent ad-libs. It’s unclear whether “The Escapades of Futura 2000” dropped at the end of 1982 or the following winter, as suggested in a January 15, 1983 issue of Billboard.