ALL: Opening Acts

To Sleep with Anger

The Charles Burnett film To Sleep with Anger has recently re-emerged this month via prominent samples in two songs.

Here Come the Big Steppers

Memorably deployed by Kendrick Lamar, the phrase “big stepper” usually means what it suggests. But it has also led to some surprising interpretations.

Rap Slips to 28%

Two recent stories on the decline of rap music’s overall market share have generated some concern in industry circles.

Surviving L.A.

An L.A. Times feature gathers opinions on a bleak trend that has claimed the lives of PnB Rock, Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, and many others.

Mach-Hommy Speaks

New Jersey rapper Mach-Hommy recently gave a rare interview with Rolling Stone.

Ye’s White Lives

Kanye West’s alt-right stunts at Paris Fashion Week have drawn self-righteous condemnation from the fashion world and beyond.

Fake News on O-Block

In a story jointly published by the Chicago Reader and The Triibe, coverage of developments at Chicago’s O-Block is scrutinized.

Coolio’s Sound Master Crew

Contrary to reports, L.A, rapper Coolio’s career began in the mid-80s, when he floated through several short-lived electro-rap ensembles.

P4K’s 250 Best Songs of the 90s

Pitchfork’s latest retrospective list, a ranking of the top 250 best songs of the 1990s, embraces a girlboss theme. The top five slots belong to women.

Jean Grae and Hip-Hop Heresies

In light of Jean Grae’s identification as nonbinary, Shanté Paradigm Smalls’ Hip-Hop Heresies, a book about queer identity in hip-hop culture, is enlightening.